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i'm sasha from the europe. pls read my /info before u follow me merci beaucop

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Make me choose

» anonymous asked: Deus Ex or L.A. Noire (As I have never played L.A. Noire, I thought I’ll just make something with Deus Ex: H.R. again)

you’re m i n e


Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines + scenery

Profile Reconstruction 

30 Days Of Metal Gear / Day 1 → Boss Fight


i was the one with bullets flying at me! 

i was the one with bullets flying at me! 

Miles Edgeworth | Animated First Appearance in Dual Destinies


videogames graphics battle | vs. callofvalor

round seven ► female character (jack, mass effect) 

I want to go to the center of the place, my cell. I want to deploy a big fucking bomb. And I want to watch from orbit when it goes.”